What is about relaxation that creates productivity?

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TelAvivWhat is about relaxation that creates productivity?

In Tel Aviv, arguably one of the most productive high tech hubs in the world

is also one of the most absolute chill places in the world

And I think there is a connection.

Most people say in order to be productive you got to start your day focused, grab the next meeting, bleed from your eyeballs. And I’m all for that… I’ve always been on extreme over drive with my work ethic (composing this at 2 am with a full work day tomorrow).

But imagine doing that in a backdrop of a city that thrives on it’s coffee culture, street fairs, and nightlife?

Perhaps it’s that vibe of relaxation around you that centers you, allows you to not sweat the small stuff, that is actually responsible for the success of so many in this small vibrant beach town? Yes no maybe?

I didn’t plan on recording this video. I was sitting in a café after taking a stroll around the town. I was eating a healthy meal, enjoying a light breeze, viewing the skyscrapers in the distance, with the sounds of the beach nearby… and suddenly I felt an intense feeling of creativity.

What is responsible for getting your juices flowing? Where do you think you would be more productive – New York City or Hawaii 🙂 ?

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