What are your thoughts on the freelance time sheet?

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timeI need your advice.

Here’s the abridged version:

I have worked for a company in both employment (full time) and freelance capacity.

This relationship has continued successfully for almost 5 years.

In order to get paid I submit an invoice with a rough list of my hours.

A few months ago,  I was invited to a Google doc,  so I can record all my tasks in a shared spreadsheet

Here’s what I’m good at: Drinking an entire bottle of water in one go.

Here’s where I suck: Filling out time sheets.

Is it just me, or do the words ‘marketing’ and ‘time sheet’ go together about as great as my ex and I?? How do you confine creativity to a box on an excel sheet, and IF i was compatible with that type of work… I feel like I would be compromised as a marketer. Wrong?

I went from being the entire ‘full time’ marketing department to the entire marketing department at 1 day per week.

This includes: Email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, copy, creating the marketing calender, overseeing the creatives, content management, etc..

Marketing requires thought… but you can’t charge for that time.

I respect a company’s right to watch their expenses and make sure they are maximizing the use of their staff. And it’s hard when you can’t keep an eye on your worker. I respect the retainer in exchange for an expected amount of output.

In #5 in this article… it got me thinking. Maybe I hate doing it because I can’t just hand in some shitty version of it?

Meaning I don’t do great work and then hand in a sloppy time sheet. I like to think I do great work and hand in a great time sheet.

Or maybe it’s time to move on.


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