Weekly Round Up May 2nd

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Sometimes being ahead of the curve is actually REALLY frustrating.

I’m talking so ahead of the curve that you don’t know what you’re sitting on because it’s so underdeveloped.

Step back for a moment and imagine…

Have you ever seen your life before your eyes…

but it’s not your life.

It’s someone else living your life?

The life you might have had, if you made different choices.

So you witness other people being your potential, but you’re still just a spectator.

Once again I’ve been a witness to the ideas churning around in my head well ahead of their time, come to fruition by switched on marketers.

This isn’t a whine, in fact- it’s validation.

I am well aware that there is a huge gap between ideas and execution.

So instead of being annoyed with myself, I’m just going to be enthralled with my marketing clairvoyance.

The latest trend is marketing funnels, and giving people what they want based on their actions and what they tell you.

in 2006 I created a web property designed to use questions and logical sequencing to come out with a plan for the individual user. I was working with a coder on freelancer.com to craft this type of questionnaire that could handle complex variations. I had to do it all manually… it became too overwhelming, it was in addition to my other jobs, and like the shiny red object syndrome – the promise of money faded too quickly, and I let it sit.

Now everyone is shifting away from the static web funnel (lander / opt-in / email sequence) and focusing much more on being personal and providing the correct value.

Whether it be via asking people what they want via a survey intro, or firing emails based on their behaviours in your funnel sequence, or just piling on relevant value ala Hubspot… this is the new hot ticket in 2015. Just this past week 3 marketers were pitching it.

And as I mentioned in my last post, it gives me such great pleasure to see the world of internet marketing merging with what is now becoming current marketing.

The internet is here.

It’s not scary anymore.

People are aware of the power of the web and the future of the web.

People buy shit online more and more each year.

And while there are still countless and endless amounts of people riped to be scammed out of their money for an idea that may or may not work, now web marketing is legit, and can stand up for itself… because everyone is doing it

Think I’ll do a post on my ventures that never took off…and the ideas I gave others that made them hundreds of thousands of dollars, it will be long . 🙂 This one wasn’t  just an idea on paper, i actually had the landing page with the copy, the opt-in, etc…

But I’ve never forgotten this one, still pay for domain + hosting annually, original page still live, and finally the software is easily available and ready for it. So … anything’s possible! I’ll launch it 10 years after I started it


Make sure you have music in your life!!!

When I come home each day I am able to do one of 2 things. And I do it…

1) Play the demo on my new-ish Yamaha DG650. It’s incredible and uplifting and inspires me to keep plugging away at my piano lessons to get back to how I used to be able to play … and then surpass that.


2) My generous bf/f gave me his sandstrom speaker. I bluetooth it to my phone and hit play. It’s great for slow music dancing when the time is right, dance parties with the boys or myself – and the timing is ALWAYS right for that – listening to podcasts while getting ready for work. Simply, it’s a jukebox / speaker in my living room.


Don’t  live without at least ONE of the above. It’s not necessary to go through life without them. I’m really passionate about music in the home, in case you can’t tell 🙂

I grew up with a piano and was such a piano snob that I couldn’t imagine an alternative… so when living in a small apartment that couldn’t host a piano, and the prices were prohibitive, i actually lived for many years without a piano. My electric piano is so much more awesome than a piano because it can be a piano and so much more. I can actually raise some DJ’s… 🙂

Now go have some fun.









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