Weekly Round UP April 18th, 2015

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I built a Value Ladder for one project in my company. This is where you dump your prospects into a funnel –  the more value you add, the more you can charge….

The key takeaway for my techie employers and co-workers –  who are geniuses, but know little about direct marketing – You can’t pitch to a potential client if they are not yet aware that they have a problem.

We have been trying to sell an amazing service, but we are totally positioning it incorrectly. We need to pre-frame that we are there to service them, not them to service us.

The new process. 

identifying the problem our prospects are facing through a series of communication with supporting materials, and consultations.

when they are aware of the problems, move them into our funnel to help them address and solve it

Then move them up the value ladder as they start to recognize the value they are receiving.

Pretty basic, but soooo important.


I have a Mac Air, but not in daily use. My work PC is. I’m missing my day one journal app from the Mac. I researched for PC and found these 2 options I will explore:


and journey – a google chrome extension

I just came back from 2 amazing, but totally different trips – a weekend in London and a week in Crete.

I am working on completing courses towards my goal of generating more passive income

I was away from my 2 boys for 12 days and then reunited

my mom is 2 weeks further into her ALZ life, 50th wedding anniversary plans are underway for her & my dad,

and obviously need to include all the drama my adorable boyfriend delivers.

Things are happening and it’s not being recorded. If I took 50% of the time I text my siblings to journal, I’ll be doing good!


Supported this campaign on Kickstarter – I really hope they reach their goal.

My son loves to listen to bedtime stories. To be honest, reading to him is one of my favorite things to do. Particularly since he takes it (and everything else) so seriously. One night when I was super busy (one night = every night?) it was a struggle to find the time to read to him. I usually enlist his older brother, but had just finished listened to the ‘SERIAL’ Podcast and decided to check out podcasts for children. Long story short, we fell in love with “sparkle stories”.

Discovered this DIY computer for kids and want to buy it for my 11 year old or find similar – Called Kano. Looks super cool


I think this one article, which is actually his true story, could save a lot of marriages. It’s just so good.  No, I don’t have any regrets about my failed marriage in the context of this article 🙂

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