The quickest way to write a blog post

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What’s the fastest way to write blog post?

In my opinion the fastest way to write a blog post is to first record your blog post. I’m not being ‘tongue in cheek’ here because I’m trying to only push video, I sincerely mean it to be the quickest way for me to get pen to paper and complete an idea… at the very end of this you’ll see the actual math

Actually you don’t have to use the recording. Ideally you should. Vanity is my problem 🙂

So I record the video, then compose the key points and flesh it out into a piece.

The reason I think it’s easier to record a video than it is to write a post is because most blog posts are thoughts that build up over time  – most of us have more time to think about what to write (when driving, on way to sleep, etc)… than to actually compose. An idea starts as a seed and then grows and marinates and I start jotting down some notes in an evernote. It gets bigger and bigger until It’s ready to get out.

Then I sit down ready to compose, but it doesn’t come out, the words just don’t flow.  This is often my experience. However, if I were to share the idea or message with someone verbally,  it would definitely come out easier.

Therefore, I started recording ideas and posts via voice memos or videos. Video is preferable as if you’re satisfied you can use it, and many people prefer video to reading and google loves them both. Then simply transcribe the video and edit it along the way (as I am doing right now).

The math:

The idea – can’t put a time on that… as it cultivates over time.

Video recording is 2 minutes +

Transcribing is around 5- 10 minutes

Editing it another 5 – 10 minutes

So a total of under 20 minutes to write a blog post…

Which to me seems faster than if I were to sit and write it from scratch without pre-recording.

Agree or disagree?




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