Looking over my shoulder – The top 12 web based programs / tools / services I use a LOT

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My  top 12 web based programs / tools / services  I have open on a typical day… any other marketers reading this, would love to know your list.

It’s so liberating to have most of your work be cloud based.

I will also list computer based tools / programs that I rely on to work efficiently.




Mailchimp –  3rd Party email marketing client. (similar to the well known Aweber (where I also have an account) or GetResponse or endless others

  • Start with a small (no) list and pay as you grow.
  • Ready made templates – fill in the blanks of your message, add your logo, queue it and send.
  • Affiliate with Mandrill – Mailchimp’s app for transactional emails…
  • Equipped for mom & pop to big enterprise!

Fiverr – One of the business ideas that everyone thinks to do, and someone else pulled it off. And knocked it out of the park.

  • It’s an Israeli company, which gives me some bonus pride.
  • You need something done… find it here for $5. from absurd to relevant. It didn’t take long for marketers to pedal their wares.
  • The $5 is easily scalable – stack up those services easily to arrive at $20 for one service. But the psychology of getting something done for $20 isn’t that far off for getting something done for $5, so it’s super easy to click ‘Buy Now’
  • It’s a bargain. And people are earning a lot of money in their underwear!

ShareAsale – 3rd party Affiliate company, for ‘small businesses’,  which is why this is now a top 3 from all affiliate companies

  • Their strength definitely lies in selling physical products, although they are moving towards understanding and incorporating CPL (cost per lead) offers
  • Even though it’s an industry giant, there is a very home grown feel to it. Even the site still feels 10 years ago. But it works.
  • As I manage a few affiliate programs here is where I spend my time – uploading creatives,  promoting a certain timely offer (holiday related), sending newsletters to the affiliates (NB – I have a great HTML template for embedding your affiliate banner in the newsletter, individual for each affiliate – happy to share it if you like!)

Trello – An incredibly easy & intuitive project management tool. It may be growing and adding bells and whistles, but it’s brilliance was in it’s original simplicity

  • You list projects as TO DO, DOING, or DONE. Easy peasy. Add deadlines, assets, comments, checklists, & of course tag people for each project. When it’s done, it’s done
  • You can edit the columns as you desire – I created a neat little Trello project for a marketing funnel. One column had all the to do’s for the Landing Page, Copy, Emails, Offer, etc.
  • Can be either used internally or personally. I have trello boards for myself, for business partners, employers, outsourcers, etc.

Evernote – an online management system that allows me to work comfortably across all my devices

  • I have a few running notes on evernote – everytime I receive a good email, cool ad, good pdf – I place them in a marketing materials / copy folder
  • When creating a blog post, I’ll start a note and come back to it as new ideas occur to me
  • When creating a course, I’ll start a note and add references to it, and keep adding to it.
  • No matter what device I am on, I can open up evernote, and add to my ongoing ‘braindump’ – it also can sync with others, so when working on a joint project, we can both work from the same note.

Facebook – I’m a bit over it.  A lot over it. But since I use FB for many ways (listed here), it’s like going to the DailyMail to get my banking info. I have no choice. And I usually work with geeks who don’t get marketing, so I’m always hiding that I have Facebook open because they’ll just think I’m on FB all day.

  • I manage more than a few pages… so I’m hanging out on Facebook going from page to page, and meanwhile seeing your newsfeed, and clicking on all your dumb upworthy links and then crying and laughing non stop F U all very much!!! 🙂
  • There are some really amazing groups on FB, a few marketing groups where literally any spare 10-20 minutes I spend will introduce me to a new resource, a new idea. like the rest of FB, it’s a black hole.

Powtoon – a great little animated video creator. For $99 / year (read below how I got that deal), I can create original animated videos, add tunes, download, etc.

  • There are amazing (& expensive) companies that charge upwards of $5k for an ‘explainer’ video. And then there’s Powtoon which allows you to start off on a much smaller budget and get something good enough
  • When seeking the best pricing option, one of their support staff in the chat offered me a deal ((unsolicited) we couldn’t refuse of $99/ year, instead of over $200 +. So if you are on the fence, talk to them!
  • This site is a new one for me, and not as consistent as the others on this list, but we (I) are banging out video after video.
  • PS – one of these videos + a voice over from Fiverr = affordable professionalism

UPDATE: Since I drafted this post, I actually have moved most of my time to goanimate.com. It’s definitely got a harder learning curve and is considerably more expensive… but has sooooo much flexibility.

WordPress  – I spend a lot of time on content management, overseeing several blogs. Therefore, I’ve always got a bunch of WP dashboards and blog pages open.

  • Checking the daily stats (wp-statistics plugin, although it’s made this site crash twice)
  • Tweaking the posts to attract more traffic (Yoast & All in One SEO plugins)
  • Adding more plugins (sumome – as described in detail here, facebook / social commenting, etc..)
  • Writing posts – Duh!
  • IMPT NOTE: For anyone working in corporate or otherwise, insisting on getting up a WP blog is your first action – it’s the simplest greatest way to see movement in a company. Once it’s up and running, there is no development required, no FTP… requires no resources. It’s a CMS (content management system) and gives you the freedom to add posts, pages,  etc – whether or not you value a blog. It puts some control into the hands of some employees without relying on the whole development, production, QA channel.

Youtube – Not that original, but I’m a Taurus and I’m told I don’t like change. And I just like the reliability of heading over to youtube and finding a playlist I like

  • Usually it’s this
  • Sometime’s it’s this
  • Yes… it used to be this a LOT
  • and when I’m doing copy / paste not much thinking work (not often enough)… then it may be either this or this. Don’t judge me.

EasyVSL – This is a pretty straightforward easy to use program to build simple videos. I’m sure I fell for a great sales pitch and low price ($37), but then I don’t really have an excuse for why I bought the upsell for another $97

  • I’m using this to build online courses. I record in audacity, create the slides in EasyVSL, import the audio, stack up the audio to the slides, and then publish
  • My version (the upsold version) has about 50 background themes + 100 fonts… I can write text or import images. Images can be manipulated to rotate, so there is a lot of flexibility, even with this very simple program.
  • This probably belongs on the list of programs that are hosted on my computer, which is my biggest complaint. I love being able to jump from my PC to Mac to desktop and know I can access and work anywhere.

LeadPages / ClickFunnels – I’ve been getting knee deep in both of these sites lately determining which one will be building our funnel/s.

  • They’re both comparably priced, but way different functionality. I’ll be doing a post on the difference between these 2 soon.
  • I’m overjoyed that the ideas in my head for years are finally coming to fruition with first rate 3rd party technology… not to mention. As I’ve mentioned a few times, the concept of marketing funnels really signifies the merging of the worlds that used to be known as ‘scam marketing’ to ‘legit marketing’ – which probably means that legit marketing is now relying on some scammy methodology and that the scammy methodology no longer works so in order to meet quality standards, it needed to become more legit.

Canva.com – I’m the worst graphic artist ever. But now that doesn’t matter.

  • Basic templates to select from, replace your text, your images. It’s hard to mess it up, but I’m sure I’ll come close.
  • Here’s what I”m working on as a cover for the kindle book I’m working on to accompany my course on Udemy 21-mistakes


TWO bonus tools for productivity and warm fuzzies.

Idonethis.com – new to this, and trying to get the team on board here. As so well said on their own site: “Progress, Every Day. Reply to an evening email reminder with what you did that day. The next day, get a digest with what everyone on the team got done. Get stuff done, and celebrate it with your team.”

Thoughtback.com – here you submit and categorize all sorts of quotes and sayings. Thoughtback will randomly send you an email. So imagine if you took the time to submit like 200 affirmations, and then everyday you get an email with one of those affirmations.


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