How I made $2137 in one week on

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In marketing momentum is everything.  No matter what you do, you need to earn a dollar. One dollar energizes the 2nd dollar.

Actually in LIFE momentum is everything. A diet must see a pound loss. A relationship must move in a forward direction.

Otherwise, you are just interested.. and not committed.

Whenever I’m asked the question of the fastest way to make money online, I’ll always say to purchase an existing web property earning money because then you start off in a positive cash flow. Sure,  It may set you back some cash, but to see money coming in gives you the momentum to keep going.

Creating a course

In February, as a long time gig came to an end, I found myself in the position of needing to replace the lost income. While it’s relatively easy for me to jump to another client, I was determined this time to keep that time for myself and build up some passive income.

I’ve had multiple ideas racing along my braing for a long time, so I decided to create a course. I started with an area that is very natural and comfortable for me. Telling people why their website sucks 🙂  and how to improve it

So I created an outline for a course. I decided to call it the “21 mistakes you are (probably) making with your website”

After creating the outline and mind-mapping it, I needed a nice block of time to complete it. Which is extremely hard to find.

But then there was this week in April when my entire country goes on vacation and the kids were with their Dad. I went to Crete both determined to complete the course and have a good time! Mission accomplished on both counts.

I decided to start marketing the course initially on Udemy, with the ultimate goal of hosting the courses additionally on my site.

After finally getting approval from their pretty strict course submission team, my completed course went live sometime in the first week of May. Apart from sending out a coupon to some family members with a plea to join, I got busy and let it sit. I was also probably more than a little insecure too (read more about that soon)

$2137 in one week

Then 2 things happened simultaneously:

  • I gave a free coupon to the udemy FB group looking for some feedback. This is common and was crazy responsive to this. Which gave me a small clue that this class had wide appeal.
  • A friend of mine with some online influence posted a coupon to his FB page and to his own list.

Suddenly I went from 3 students (thanks to my siblings) to 1000 students + and ironically the timing of this was PERFECT! Because if I had just given the freebie coupon and not had a promotion, as my revenue would have remained zero, Udemy may not have paid attention.. but with the numbers of students, and revenue, and then positive reviews coming in, Udemy started paying attention and gave the site better placement, added it to it’s own ad program, and udemy affiliates started promoting.

See my site placement here for searching for the terms website and marketing / digital marketing:

PS – want my course for only $25? Click here 🙂


How I made $2137 from Udemy in one week



And:How I made $2137 from Udemy in one week

So what’s next and lessons learned: 

My original plan was to immediately take the content from the course and re-purpose it for a kindle book. My challenge is that now I have the word “MOMENTUM” and that includes people sending me messages, and asking questions … and based on this feedback, I now have more clarity where the next steps are for new courses.

So the irony is that even though the feedback will facilitate a new course, my strong advice is to have a few courses pretty ready to go that feed off each other… because I’m looking at a month or more (definitely more) until something else is complete. By then, I’m fully aware I’ll have to wait for another windfall via someone promoting, a Udemy promotion, or doing some of my own heavy lifting  to get these new courses to create their impact. However, I wouldn’t create them, if I didn’t think it would be successful, so yes. I’m sold.

Another IMPT piece of advice:

Don’t search Udemy for similar courses.

I know most courses on ‘how to succeed with Udemy’ will tell you to do research in your category of interest to determine interest level, competition, choosing titles, etc  BUT I would strongly advise against this. As soon as I started searching to find my own course (which I originally couldn’t find in the first  50 pages), I was floored with the numbers of options, and courses that sounded – to be honest – like I wanted to take them! And don’t get me wrong…. I have about 50 Udemy courses already (and I’m not exaggerating), but that was before I decided to become an instructor.

Having my course succeed did wonders for my confidence, and I think had I see the wide variety of available classes beforehand, my confidence would have been totally shaken and potentially could have put me off thinking “how can i possibly compete with all of them” As I mentioned above, as soon as I went live I couldn’t find my course in the first many many pages, I just saw all these other marketing courses… so that insecurity definitely upped my inhibitions and set me back a little.

In other news: 

My new favorite site – – you can add tons of personal or quoted sayings. Thoughtback will randomly send you emails from yourself.

So Andrea provides the Andrea of the future (perhaps even tomorrow!) a little nugget, or a laugh, or a smile… anything to help give myself something back. Because I work hard, and I deserve me doing nice for me. Hmm… think that’s going in my thoughtback.

In seriousness, this is super poweful, because while it’s totally random, you are in control. When my photo filing service sends me weekly emails of “this is what you were doing 4 years ago” Or “8 months ago” 50% of the time it’s a bittersweet memory… but with thoughtback,  it’s 100% what I give in, will give me back 100%… and then some.




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