What would you do?

Many years ago my local supermarket was having a promotion. They handed out scratch cards, with the chance of winning $500,000 (numbers have been changed to reflect current market value and changed to $ currency). It was lined up as a pyramid, and if you scratched and LOST, then similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you would lose all winnings preceding that.

With each purchase you received a card. So I scratched off the card upon receipt anticipating at most a bag of chips, but most likely nothing. I won $5.  I quickly scratched off the next level and saw I won $50.  At this point, I decided to pay more attention. So I took the card home and sat down with it, and then carefully scratched off the next level. At this time in my life (probably 18 years ago), $50 was nothing to throw away, but certainly was worth the risk for a win of $500.

When I saw that I won $500, I took it MUCH more seriously. I read the back, the fine print. When I discovered that the promotion was continuing for several weeks, and I was my way to visit family soon, I decided to hold off scratching and allow my brother to do it. I struggled to ‘throw’ away $500 for a chance of $5000… yet I know it was a matter of time before I did it.

I visited my family. and asked my brother to scratch it off. He didn’t even know what he was looking for, but I instantly saw the $5000.  I was very excited. This was like 6 months of rent!

But now i was faced with a dilemma. A good one, but nevertheless. Should I redeem the $5000 or should I continue.

According to the fine print, the chances to win from $5000 to $50000 was either 20% or 25% (1 in 4 or 1 in 5). Then the chances to go from $50000 to $500000 was 50% (1 in 2).

So… what would you have done?

Weekly Round Up May 10th & May 17th


While the posts for these 2 weeks weren’t written, they were written
and out of necessity  …….    ALL in my mind.

Pages and pages of it

I used to shield my feelings from everyone and everything.

I thought being capable and keeping things to myself was strength

Now I know it’s exactly the opposite

And I want to shout it all on the rooftops.

I’m hurting…

but I’m learning so much about myself.

And I love that I am asking for what I want.

Not making excuses, or apologizing for having needs.


I admire marketers who can make their sites just about their services and not get personal.

To me it’s all wrapped up together, and I don’t want to reserve the personal stuff for my private journal that I may never read again (although I do write plenty in them)

Its too important and I promise it only makes me better at everything I do.


For 48 consecutive hours – May 7th-9th, there was no past, there was no future, there was only the present. It was bliss and I was unconditionally loved. I am grateful for that. I had incredible confidence and I aspire for that, with or without love.

Tennis is amazing

The movie Woman in Gold is worth seeing

My birthday is May 11th, and it royally sucked.

My sister and her family arrived on May 11th, so it unsucked a little.

And since every #depressing action requires an #uplifting action in return… I give you this extraordinaryness: