The Meaning of Life… in under 5 minutes.

Louis CK and Conan O’Brien

It’s super easy to watch
funny & poignant as hell
scary honest & real
probably a huge contributor to people falling off the 24 hour weekly electricity ban (48 hours this week thanks to Moses)

and about sums it up for me.

Now… you’ll excuse me while I go lose again at 2048 and ignore that pit of alone-ness inside…

..and this from Prague

meditating guys on a stick

1 hour daily has supported these guys for the past 6 months

I can’t remember how long I have wanted to visit Prague, and really for no good reason. It doesn’t have the reputation of the other major European countries… but it’s always been on my wish list.


  • Lots of graffiti. I mean everywhere, even places you can’t imagine reaching without risking your life
  • Cobblestone – a LOT of it. Prague is a city small enough to walk, but even my Tom’s were causing me pain on the cobblestone. Keep your heels at home.
  • Beer – it flows like water, and is actually cheaper than water. My son and I thought that the Vietnamese store owner didn’t understand us, because we could not actually comprehend that a beer was less than 50 cents.
  • Everything looks like something… really, everywhere we turned, my son was like “what’s this?” and suddenly I was supposed to just know the Entire history of Prague. I felt like Homer Simpson with most of my replies
  • an iPhone is not a camera. Lesson learned.
  • Chabad – They are pioneers and great entrepreneurs. We paid $130 for 2 meals. And I found my place on that Friday night table between L’chaims with a bunch of Italians and Am Yisrael Chai’s with a mom + daughter from Haifa… I belong with a bunch of other quasi-religious misfits from around the world.

BONUS: My show of choice to watch in my spare moments was House of Cards.  When I started the next episode, I found the intro trailer so familiar looking… because of the similarities between these 2 historical cities…



Some iPhone highlights:


Prague National Museum

You can’t see how high I climbed for this shot


Powder tower in Prague

A nice walk from the Old Town to the Powder Tower


The street from The National Museum in Prague to Old Town (found a great skirt)

The street from The National Museum in Prague to Old Town (found a great skirt)


St Vaclav in front of the National Museum in Prague

St Vaclav in front of the National Museum in Prague


parizka street, the local rodeo drive

parizka street, the local rodeo drive

Beer in Prague - cheaper than water - Prisner Urquell

Luckily we only got ripped off once before realizing the true price of Beer


the Golem in Prague... in this attic

In this attic is the Golem – from the Maharal shul in Prague.


Arbeit Macht Frei Terezin Concentration camp

work sets you free… welcome to Hell.   Terezin Concentration Camp






Probably Not, But I love you.

how to say no

Have you ever struggled with how to say NO? Who hasn’t?

The title of this post is your solution.

I’ve been surrounded by YES people my whole life. In fact, I probably purposefully have fewer friends because I didn’t want to create a life of not being able to say NO.

So I was talking to someone the other day, and I asked her if she was able to do something for me. Her answer was immediately put in the vault for future use, and worthwhile to share. She said “Probably not, but I love you.”

So the answer is NO, but you are loved, I just can’t do it.

I love this so much.