About Me

Hey there. My name is Andrea and I have an eye for profit. Some of it is studied, but the majority of it has been learned through hands on experience, and the rest a gift from amazing family genes. The internet has been my playground (and livelihood) since 1999. And I'm always looking for new friends and projects!

What I Do Well:

Discover Profit

Customized online strategy consultations. I guarantee you, we will find the money.

Website Repair

I like to call it "your website sucks" report. No website is perfect. Enjoy immediate returns as you implement changes.

Marketing Funnels

The magic happens by creating evergreen systems that generate and convert satisfied leads.

A La Carte

Once we've got the bigger picture, here's where we fine tune and get you towards your goal.

This 90 second video gives a quick overview:

What are people saying about Andrea?

You're probably here because:

Your website isn't delivering the results you anticipated.

Similar businesses are doing well and you want some of that action.

Your business doesn't showcase your unique talents and skills.

You're working way too many hours for way too little income.

You're surrounding by buzz words 'traffic!' 'SEO!' 'Instagram!', etc., but not sure what's best for you.

You've got a lot figured out, but are interested in moving up to the next level.


You're stalking my site to see what I'm up to. :) Fair enough.

Regardless, we will ensure that you create a website that excites your prospects, draws them in, & engages them to convert to whatever action you desire.

If you're passionate about making changes, and you can handle the truth, I like you already.

So let's just get on with it, shall we?

What You Get

Let's talk...


    My promise

    Before we get started, My promise is to help you Define your goals, Deliver fresh ideas, and Draw the best path to get you where you want to be.


    I'm curious!

    I want to know so much about your business. However, sometimes fewer details allows me the room I need to develop my own ideas. So I request a super short initial survey super to get to know you a little better and determine your optimal next steps. These questions are just as much for your benefit!


    Free Consultation

    Jump on a quick call to add the personal dimension and allow us to visualize the bigger picture. I have a tendancy to ask a lot of questions but I have my own internal system that knows when it's enough. Usually around 30 minutes


    Your custom roadmap

    Following the call, we choose the best plan to suit your needs. Coaching, consulting, marketing funnels. And if we're not a good match, I will do my best to make recommendations for you

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me directly...